Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Documented Life Project-The Journal-Week 9

February's theme for The Documented Life Project - The Journal is "Layers You Will Love!" with this week's art challenge, "Using at Least Five Layers" and the journal prompt, "Give Me a High Five."

The past two weeks my journal pages have been a little too busy for my taste, so this week I made a conscious effort to create a simpler spread.

Layer one was created with various papers, torn and adhered to the journal. Layer two was a wash of acrylic paint; ivory, aqua and burnt sienna...a favorite combination, and one I find rather calming.

Layer three consisted of mark-making with ink through punchinella and bottle-cap printing with acrylic paint.

With layers four and five I added pieces of vintage dictionary pages and printed on top with star shaped punchinella.

The final layers include FIVE collaged and outlined birds on a HIGH wire; numbered of course, and some rubber stamping of the word and numeral five.

I'm happy with the end result. Not too busy; feels calm; more my style. Thanks for visiting.

© Nancy Lefko

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