Monday, March 9, 2015

Winter Art Journal From Start to Finish

Creating an art journal following Pam Carriker's journal-making directions from "Art at the Speed of Life," has proven to be quite the enjoyable undertaking.

Before the autumn gave way to winter, I headed outside with my gathered supplies and added color and design elements to sheets of 90 lb. watercolor paper, then turned those sheets of paper into a journal with a simple pamphlet stitch.

As I worked in my 6 x 6 journal at my art desk, I need only look out the window to feel inspired by the winter scene developing daily.

Some days there was quite a snowstorm swirling just outside the glass and it only made the mood inside that much cozier.

This winter, more harsh than usual, called for many a school closing. I took advantage of those 'snow days' to play in my journal; after all, snow days are meant for fun.

Long about the end of February, my patience with the bitter cold and snowstorm after snowstorm began to wear thin. My pages took on a decidedly different feel at that point, as I was anxiously awaiting the END of winter rather than reveling in its beauty.

A lovely gift from a dear friend included some wonderful wrapping paper and tissue and both found their way into my journal.

Carving a snowflake stamp had been my plan since starting the journal, but it took almost until the end before I actually got it done. I'm happy that I took the time to carve the stamp; what would a winter art journal be without a snowflake stamp?

As I finished up the last few pages of my winter journal, I must confess, I was really thinking more about the coming spring. I did, however, enjoy looking back over all the winter-themed pages and reflecting on the past few months.

© Nancy Lefko

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elizabeth said...

despite the very obvious perils and restrictions of a very long winter, Nancy you have risen above it all to create a beautiful journal...congrats, friend!!!