Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Traveling Art Journal

There is no mistaking it...art sisters have a special connection. Perhaps it's our creative interests that connect us or simply that we each see a piece of ourselves in the other; whatever it is, we are drawn together. When we're together we have the BEST of times. But, quite often, art sisters who've met at a central location return to their lives many states away.

When I was unable to attend a 2014 art retreat, two of my art sisters in attendance - Elizabeth Duke & Pam Carriker - put their heads together and started the "Traveling Art Journal," which was to ultimately be a gift for me. I was among the contributing artists, never knowing the journal would one day be mine. (I actually created two spreads to help fill in the months.) Throughout 2015 the journal traveled the United States from Texas to Connecticut, New York to Michigan and to my home in New Hampshire. This month I received this wonderful, and surprising, gift. I was speechless and filled with appreciation and love.

Each journal spread is as different as can be and truly represents the heart & soul of each art sister. I will cherish this book forever and it will always be a reminder of the bond that holds the art sisters close, no matter how far apart we live.

Thank you Pam, Elizabeth, Loretta, Kathy, Katie, Betti, Stephanie & Kathi.

created by Pam Carriker

created by Kathy Nesi

created by Katie Goldberg

created by Elizabeth Duke

created by Loretta Marvel

created by Stephanie Suskin

created by Kathi Jahnke

created by Betti Zucker

and my own two spreads.

I am truly blessed. I have found my tribe and I am BLESSED.