Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Documented Life Project-The Journal-Week 7

February's theme for The Documented Life Project - The Journal is "Layers You Will Love!" with this week's challenge, "Cover Up Good Stuff" and the prompt, "Going Undercover."

My initial layer was coated with red and pink from Inktense blocks, then bubble wrap and heart-shaped punchinella designs were added. Already this page was not typical for me...I RARELY use red & pink as a color scheme for a journal spread; but it IS St. Valentine's Day, so "when in Rome..."

Stamping fleur-de-lis with a foam stamp was the next layer.

Next up, tissue and a little bit of doodling around the fleur-de-lis.

Now comes the part where I'm covering up much of the artful goodness I created so far. I used tissue from a special Valentine's Day gift. (Thank you, Miss E.)

A little collage work further covers what lies beneath.

The finished page is really a departure for me. Not only a very different palette, but far busier than my usual spread. But, hey, I was up for the challenge. How did I do?

© Nancy Lefko

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Lisa M Griffin said...

Lovely! Such a wonderful reminder to be grateful for the special people in our lives. And of course, I totally enjoy seeing your creative process. Hope you are all "dug out" - I can't believe the amount of snow we are getting this year. Bring on Spring, please!!!