Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ready To Go! Blank Board Blocks

There is always a wonderful selection of art/crafting books and products at the C&T Publishing website, and when I saw these Ready To Go! Blank Board Blocks, I knew I had to give them try. The label reads "no prep" and that is absolutely true. They are also quite sturdy and took the handling needed to press on collage elements; I never felt as if they'd be crushed under the pressure I applied.

I really like the fact that after you've decorated the blocks, you have an ever changing display depending on which side of the blocks faces forward.

I created themes around 'home' and 'family' and added vintage text, music and dictionary pages to accompany the vintage images.

To recreate the look I have here, simply paint the blocks with brown acrylic paint and allow to dry. Cover each side with an even coating of Elmer's School Glue and when tacky, cover with a coating of robin's egg blue fluid acrylic paint. (I find that the easiest method is to work on three sides while holding the block, dry the paint with a hair dryer (or heat gun) and then continue on with the remaining three sides.) You won't need to force dry the glue, as by the time you are ready to paint your coat of blue paint, the glue will be the right 'tackiness.'

When the blue paint has been painted on, applying just one coat and not over-working, dry with a hair dryer and you'll see the crackles forming. (Do not touch the crackled paint until it is completely dried or it will smudge.) When all is completely dry (later that day) darken the edges of the blocks with brown fluid chalk ink. Now you can decorate with words, images and text to your delight!

Coming soon: Ready To Go! Blank Board Box Review

Disclaimer: C&T Publishing supplied the product for this review.

© Nancy Lefko

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Illustration Friday ~ PERENNIAL

The purple coneflower, my favorite PERENNIAL.

This artwork was created for a collaborative project with many of my art sisters. The sentiment represents the relationships built with wonderful women whose friendships I hope are also PERENNIAL...perpetual; everlasting; continuing; enduring.

I encourage you to visit the Illustration Friday website, follow the links and find all of the wonderful artwork and blogs.

© Nancy Lefko

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Re-Vamped Website

I have followed the sage advice of art licensing gurus, Tara Reed and Maria Brophy, and organized the artwork on my website into "collections."

Something had been awry over at my website and I really hadn't noticed WHAT until Tara and Maria spoke of "collections" during last night's Art Licensing call. As soon as they mentioned this topic, I thought, "YES! that's what needs to be done with my website."

I hope that this re-vamped model makes my website more viewer-friendly, and you'll take this opportunity to explore it a bit.

As always, thanks for your interest in my creative journey!

© Nancy Lefko

Monday, July 18, 2011

It Won't Be Long Now

I'm looking forward to a great time at Art Is...You: The East Coast Art Retreat!

For so long it seemed so far off...and now...WHOOOOSH, summer is here and I know that before long I'll be shipping my college boy back to school and shopping for school supplies for the two boys still in the nest. WHOOOSH....that's what summer does, even though I'd love for it to last and linger.

But the end of summer 2011 will also be greeted with anticipation for Art Is...You! Believe me, the attendees are already so stoked and ready for magical, artful goodness!

Join me for "Mixed Media Farmer's Market,"where we'll create textures and designs and glorious flowers, fruits and veggies in all their mixed media glory!

Hope to see you there!

© Nancy Lefko


Sharing art journaling with friends is such fun....and so I am thrilled to once again be offering two classes at the Sharon Arts Center in beautiful Sharon, NH just a stone's throw from my home in Peterborough.

A wonderful art center, Sharon Arts offers a wide variety of classes. If you live in Southern NH, Southwestern VT, or Northern MA, check out the class selections. You're sure to find something that suits your fancy.

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Journal of Memories

When I injured my right index finger while packing the car for vacation (that's right...smashed it in the car door!) I also ruined my plans of journaling as we traveled to and from Wisconsin. Journaling on the road is so much fun for me; it's a great way to pass the time in the car and a wonderful memory of the trip. But, alas, it was not to be this time around.

The next best thing? Take my journal supplies and trip ephemera out to the screen porch on a lovely summer day and create a journal page filled with memories of a wonderful family vacation.

© Nancy Lefko

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Missing Muse

After returning from an eleven day family vacation, I've been finding it difficult to switch back into my usual routines, including the time I take in my studio. I couldn't quite muster the enthusiasm to get my creative juices flowing, although I surely missed the creative process.

When I hit walls such as these, I turn to my journal to help me out of the slump and help me find my missing muse. Today I made a point to spend a little time in my studio playing in my journal, and sure enough before long I was wishing I had more time to spend! I'm hoping the weekend allows me a chance to begin work on new canvases.

Thanks again, art journal.

© Nancy Lefko