Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Documented Life Project-The Journal-Week 6

February's theme for The Documented Life Project - The Journal is "Layers You Will Love!" with this week's challenge, "When Not to Stop" and prompt, "Don't Stop til You Get Enough!"

No one has to tell me twice to use layers...the more, the better. Layers are what my journal pages are all about. In fact, one of my articles for Art Journaling Magazine was entitled, "Seamless Layers." I like to create layers that work so well together that you cannot discern where one layer stops and another begins.

I began this week's spread with a variety of papers

followed by an application of Pam Carriker's sheer acrylics.

Design elements were added with floral decorative napkins

and rubber stamped images. I always enjoy that serendipitous moment when something from the background can work as a focal element in the completed journal page. Such was the case with a couple of the words from my initial layer of papers.

A dry brush application of cream colored paint brought a subtle quality to the page and again, as a pleasant surprise, worked well with my theme of layers of snow.

The page was finished off with a layer of text, mark-making with paint & markers, and lastly ink around the edges.

As you pass your time through the remaining weeks of winter, and its accompanying snowstorms, grab your art journal and brighten up your day!

Thanks for visiting.

© Nancy Lefko


Lisa M Griffin said...

I needed to see/read and be inspired by this tonight... as more snow falls and I face another snow day tomorrow. Spring can't come soon enough. :)

Renee Stien said...

This is a gorgeous spread (and Spring can't come fast enough for me)!