Sunday, June 27, 2010

Art Journaling Summer 2010

With great joy I received my copy of the Summer 2010 issue of Art Journaling by Somerset Studio. My article, entitled "Seamless Layers," is my third for this publication and the feeling of seeing an article in print just never gets old.

I share the pages of the magazine with many talented artists, including my good friend, and "Cover Girl," Pam Carriker.

I received a very kind email yesterday:

"Hi Nancy - Sunday morning here in Auckland New Zealand and I am leisurely looking through my latest 'Journalling by Somerset Studio'. Your article has given me huge inspiration. Just thought I would drop you a line to say I love your work."

What a joy. Sincere thanks to a very kind soul who took the time to send a note and really made my day.

If you haven't yet picked up a copy of this publication, I strongly recommend doing so. It is a wonderful magazine filled with beautiful journal pages.

© Stampington, Inc.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Playing with Sharpies

A great new package of "fashion color" Sharpies and I knew I must make time to try them in my journal. I just love a BRAND NEW Sharpie; loaded with ink and ready to roll. And the colors can't be beat.

I remember when I was five or six years old, playing at my grandmother's BIG desk. She always had a supply of Sharpies in the drawer...ONLY black, that's all there was back then. Grandma had a fabulous, flowing, gorgeous handwriting and she'd write letters with a black Sharpie (not the ultra-fine, mind you, but the traditional.) She might only fit ten or twelve lines on one sheet of paper; but what style!

Sharpie, you've come a long way. Thanks for the memories and the fun yet to come.

© Nancy Lefko

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm a Winner!

Thanks to the folks at Craftside for hosting this wonderful giveaway at their blog. I was the lucky recipient of Creative Wildfire by LK Ludwig and I can't wait to dive right in! If you have not visited the Craftside blog it is well worth your time; they have lots to share. Thanks to Lindsey for sending my wonderful new book at lightning speed.

Image © Quarry Books

Monday, June 21, 2010

Artists Pay it Forward

Renee Troy has spent a great deal of time and energy coordinating an amazing fundraising effort for A Place to Bark. The book featured is FILLED with glorious artwork celebrating the gift of animals in our lives. To see a slideshow of the complete book, please visit Renee's blog. To place a bid on the book, and help out this wonderful rescue effort, please visit the eBay listing.

Thank you Renee for asking me to participate in this heartfelt gesture.

Image © Renee Troy

Reflections on Commencement

Sometimes the best way to process a very bittersweet event, is to head to your journal and pour out your heART.

© Nancy Lefko

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wonderful Surprise

Sometimes the good luck fairy really shines on you! And that is what happened when I stumbled upon a question posed by the very talented Lisa Kaus.

"What is the year, make and model of this car?" she asked on her Facebook page. The first correct respondent would receive a treat. Well, the auto pictured happened to be my all-time favorite car...a 1966 Ford Mustang...I dream about owning that car.

The timing was right, I was the first to answer correctly and lo and behold, the wonderful wall hanging pictured above arrived in my mailbox this week.

Only a week or so prior I had ordered the dragonfly wall hanging, so now I have a pair of beautiful Lisa Kaus prints in my kitchen to brighten my days.

Thank you so much Lisa, for your generosity, and for reminding me to "dream big." (I'm still jealous over the Mustang, though :)

Artwork © Lisa Kaus

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Found Treasure

It went like this:

Mom: What's that?

Brian: A zipper thing.

Mom: Where'd you find it?

Brian: On the playground.

Mom: Can I have it?

Brian: Yeah. Why?

Mom: I can use it, and I know exactly how.

(Now I have the perfect little doo-dad to use in my resin clay pendant workshop.)