Sunday, January 23, 2011

WIP's Continued

Grabbing a few moments here and there over the course of this weekend, my current WIP's have been rolling along. The first is another sample for my "Mixed Media Farmer's Market" workshop at "Art Is...You: The East Coast Retreat" to be held in Danbury, CT this October. This piece, when finished, will most likely take up residence in my kitchen until October.

I am also working on the first in a series that will feature inspirational affirmations...statements that I believe in and that help me to soldier on...and will also find a place in my home.

© Nancy Lefko

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Sandra L. said...

I noticed your "draft" in the background. Do you usually draw/plan your work before you put it together? I sort of have an idea of what I want to do, but I usually don't sketch it out first.

Saw your work in Pam C.'s new book and then in Artful Blogging. I just added you as a flickr contact--I am ladyinblack1964.

I may be attending Art is You East this year--if I can! Otherwise, I would like to take your online classes.

Nice to "meet" you, Nancy!