Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day in the Studio

The night before last I awoke at 3:08 am, unable to fall back to sleep. I lay awake thinking about a myriad of things and eventually my muse took over and creative ideas began to emerge. Upon getting up to rouse the kids for school at 5:30 am, I quickly took a piece of scrap paper from my art desk and roughly sketched out the idea my muse had planted in the wee hours of the morning.

One of the benefits of a snow day is the feeling that I can take the day off from (some) of my household duties and enjoy time in my studio. Today, thanks to my insomniac muse, I knew exactly what I would begin.

I am also working on another canvas that I had started a few days ago. OK, I like these snow days. But come June, when we have days to make up, you may have to ask me again.

© Nancy Lefko


Michelle Brunner said...

Don't you love when inspiration hits you like that!? Even early in the morning! Hope you and your kids enjoyed the snow day! We seem to be getting lots of snow here in Ohio as well!

slommler said...

Snow days are great...especially if we don't have to go out into it!! Loving your sketch!!

Ginger*:) said...

Nancy.... these are just so beautiful. You amaze me each time I come here. I love these!

BTW I was up with you that night.. but I waited until 4:30 am before I came down to the studio. Don't you just love the quiet, the dark outside and the knowledge that you don't have to make breakfast for another few hours... What freedom!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

looking forward to seeing 'believe in love' piece finished and posted. Isn't it great when an idea just comes to you. Sometimes sleep is just not going to happen when that muse is busy!