Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Documented Life Project-The Journal-Week 11

March's theme for The Documented Life Project - The Journal is ""Making Your Mark: Doodles & Mark-Making" with this week's art challenge, "Borders" and the journal prompt, "Borderline, Feels Like I'm Going to Lose My Mind."

Did you ever have one of those journal spreads that was just so much fun to create? Well, this was one of those. It started out, unremarkably, with an acrylic wash over various pages of text.

With the addition of aqua and some burnt sienna around the edges it turned into what's one of my favorite color combinations.

When the mark-making and doodling began, this page took off as one of the more enjoyable to create. I love symmetry. I love patterns. I love the Pam Carriker sheer acrylics which make great dots and lines via a bingo dauber bottle. I love my new Signo Uniball white gel pen. All in all, lots to love about the making of this spread!

Although the journal prompt was a line from a Madonna song, I preferred to reference a line from a band more to my liking. I have very fond memories of The Eagles album, "On the Border" and many a junior high day spent listening to its great songs, the title track included.

My, that was a fun afternoon of art journaling!

© Nancy Lefko

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