Sunday, February 12, 2012

Journal Joy

Many of my journal pages begin with a rich and textured background; here I have used a Magic Stamp and the Gelli Arts Printing Plate with robin's egg blue acrylic paint. The texture on the Magic Stamp was created by pressing into plastic mesh from an onion bag; a subtle texture, but lovely nonetheless.

A wash of acrylic paint in kiwi green creates an entirely new look.

And then I create the journal page with collage elements, ink and markers; my thoughts flow onto the page speaking of the art girls that I adore and miss so much when we're apart.

© Nancy Lefko


SueAnn said...

Love your journal page!!
The green is awesome

Lisa M Griffin said...

It is always wonderful to see another artist's work through their process. Thanks for sharing. :)

Diane said...

Hi Nancy; I'm a big fan of your art. Your work has a lot of light and I appreciate that because I am not a fan of dark, messy pages.

Do you use gel medium on your pages after they are done?

Thank you,