Friday, April 2, 2010

For the Dogs (and Cats)

When asked by the lovely Renee Troy if I would participate in a fundraiser, I immediately replied, "Yes." Renee will be creating a handmade book using donated artwork. The book will be auctioned with all proceeds to benefit A Place to Bark, the animal rescue founded by Bernie Berlin.

The above collage is my donation to the book. The text reads, "trusted, dependable, longtime friend."

I will post an update once the book is up for auction.

© Nancy Lefko


Tess said...

You are so kind and I love the piece you created. Wonderful colors and choice of words. Well done and thanks for being such a great artist and willing to share your talents with others.

Amy said...

your art is always a JOY to me! I love it

slommler said...

Love this piece! What a great addition it will be to this book! Great idea too!

roberta baird said...

Love this Nancy!
She looks like she's holding my long haired chihuahua named Bailey!

ArtSnark said...

cute piece,Nancy! wanted to wish you & yours a Happy Easter

Debbie Clandening said...

Best of luck with your fundraiser.Lovely work!!