Thursday, April 8, 2010

Work in Progress

Grabbing a minute here and a moment there, I have progressed just a little on my latest canvas. I plan to create companion pieces for my kitchen; the pear from a previous post, this canvas and a third.

My color choices were influenced by these wonderful garden photos from Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I truly believe that nature has the most remarkable color combinations and I try to pay attention to the amazing palette before my eyes.

Photos © Meredith Corporation


Tess said...

This is really gorgeous. I love the raised fleur de les

slommler said...

Love the color and the texture!

ArtSnark said...

wonderful texture,Nancy!

Jan J. said...

Ditto on the wonderful texture!

Anonymous said...

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Lisa M Griffin said...

looking interesting!
Can't wait to see the finish. Have a good weekend.