Thursday, February 18, 2010

Luscious Color

I am having such fun playing in my journal with the Inktense pencils. The colors are incredibly rich and seem to get even more so when water is applied.

Now, if only the colors outside matched the vibrancy of those in my pencil case, I'd be all set. Are you anxious for Spring, too?

© Nancy Lefko


PiecesofD said...

Your flower looks like the wild sunflowers that grow here in Florida. It's so pretty... and I love how you incorporate your journaling...

slommler said...

I too am loving the colors these pencils are giving you! Yes I am so ready for spring. I keep looking but no sign yet that I can see.

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

Thanks for sharing this little bit of spring! I'm in desperate need of some spring right now...will it ever arrive?

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Nancy! So nice to hear from you and get a little caught up on your blog this morning. Love your lovely anticipation of spring and it cheers me so to see your work.

Hey! As you know, my world has been a little upside down so help me find my footing a little . . . I don't think I ever mailed your print that you won on my blog in December. Did I? I am trying to get caught up again. Would you email me your address - I will get this mailed along with another print for your patience. Thank you!

whyte said...

Nancy, what substrates have you experimented with the inktense? I so hoping to play with mine this weekend, your zinnias from the other day are burning such a yummy vision in my brain, they were the push over the edge to hussle me to Michaels that night!! Are you sticking with watercolor paper?