Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I had been wanting these pencils for a while now...Inktense by Derwent...a wonderfully rich watercolor pencil, so I had heard.

So with coupon in hand I marched off to Michael's and came home with the set of 12. Ideally, I would have wanted at least the set of 24, but sets of 12 were all that the store had. I decided that I could live without the 12 additional colors (10 really, if you don't count white or the outliner) and I could supplement my supply of colors, singly, through Dick Blick. Hence, I was a happy camper.

Permitting myself a little down time today, I experimented in my journal with the Inktense pencils, and yes, they are rich and vibrant and oh, so much fun. The zinnias in the journal page above are much more vibrant than had they been rendered with traditional watercolor pencils.

I predict a Dick Blick order in the not too distant future.

artwork © Nancy Lefko
Inktense image © Dick Blick


ArtSnark said...

looks fab, Nancy! Glad you liked them :D

Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

They do look a lot richer than the wc pencils that I've I needed something else for my wish list!

Elizabeth said...

Nancy, did you wet these or use them dry?

Ann Mackay said...

These look great, thanks for showing us. And I can buy them at a nearby-ish art shop - woo hoo!

whyte said...

Nancy, thanks for sharing; you and Stacey and Glenda are such instigators!!! And love the piece!

slommler said...

Wonderful Nancy!! Definitely vibrant! Thanks for sharing!


Elizabeth: I added water with my reservoir brush. Each flower has 2 colors and they blended with water.

Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Beautiful colors and journal entry. These pencils have also been on my list for quite awhile! :)

Elizabeth Parsons said...

I'll have to try these- can you buy single pencils? I have a set of wc pencils that I use when travel and to punch up a painting.

I like your drawing/painting style in your journal art...very clean, straight forward and honest...isn't an art journal the best? I call it my "me art".

Lisa M Griffin said...

I have LOTS of these pencils as well as the Colorsoft line and I do enjoy them. Happy Creative Time! =)

Sherry said...

I saw these at Michaels just the other day and wondered what they were. Now that I know, I may have to print out another coupon and head back there again. (Last time I got masking fluid - haven't had time to try it tho)

Kathy said...

Well, looks as if they are new tools in your talented hands. Looks beautiful Nancy!

オテモヤン said...


QueenBe said...

The colors in these must be so vibrant and rich. Wish I had the talent you do for putting them to good use. Your example is wonderful.

Faruffa said...

this is wondeful Nancy!!!