Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer's Really Over

During the height of summer when the activity and just plain NOISE around my house reached a crescendo, I yearned for a few hours of peace and quiet. Uninterrupted silence...a few moments to create in my studio...seemed like a slice of Heaven.

And yet now that the boys are back in school, some days are just TOO quiet. After the chores are done and the errands run, instead of making a bee-line to my studio, I look for other things to busy myself with and yet nothing quite fills the void. It's almost as if I am looking for someone to nurture and they're not here. The emptiness is palpable and I don't like how it feels.

Oh, I'm sure that I'll adjust to the empty house in time and the silence will be less deafening. But for now, I actually have to force myself into my studio. Today I prepped some surfaces for future collage work and then took my journal out to the screen porch...my very favorite spot in the house...and put those feelings down on paper. Yes, journaling was a good idea. Just that little bit of creative expression got under my skin and I was sorry when I had to set my journal down.

Yes, I'll be fine...there are surfaces ready to collage.

© Nancy Lefko


ArtSnark said...

It is good you have a ritual to slip you back into the art groove.

Enjoy your peace & quiet - Xmas break will be here again sooner than expected ;D

PCarriker said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel sweetie! Lovely pages:-)

Ginger*:) said...

I had to fight back tears when I read the post and saw the beautiful artwork that accompanied it.
You will adjust, I know, and your art will fill the gaps that come in between the slam of the door and toss of the bookbags along with ... What's to eat?

Diana Evans said...

oh what a neat idea Nancy!!! you are always an inspiration and I admire you and your wonderful work!!!


julie king said...

i've had some of that malaise going on in my studio as well. i lost my little studio mascot dog presley a couple of weeks ago and i found it nearly impossible to do anything creative. i broke out of it over the weekend and am feeling a little better. i'm sure you'll get over the quiet and back to your creative self very soon!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

I remember as a young mother...waiting for the time when both of my children started school and ALL of the TIME I would have while they were in school all day...I could not wait...the first day of school for my youngest came around...and that huge yellow bus took her away...I stood there in the street with my neighbor who had also just put her youngest on the same bus...and we cried our eyes out...I mean sobbing, nose running crying...so go figure...they are now grown and gone...so thanks for that memory! It all goes so fast...