Friday, September 12, 2008

Works in Progress

This week I wore the MOM hat every waking minute and did not set foot in my studio once. I was yearning to create something; to have my fingers in paint and inks. I read the challenge blogs and wondered when I could find the time to participate. Tonight I decided to make some time to wear the ARTIST hat and now have six collages in the works.

Here is a mix and match of various backgrounds and images. (Maybe you can guess which image goes where and then when I post the finished pieces you'll see if you were right.)


Karen Mowrey said...

oh I hear you loud and clear! I only have one little bitty kindergarten kid and whoa is that work, mostly driving so maybe it is a taxi hat. My hands are so clean it is embarassing!

Susan said...

It won't be long and they will be calling from goes fast, really! I love your collages! They remind me of old family photos with more personality added to them. They are comforting and fun!!

Lucy said...

Looks great Nancy so far!! You're getting to be like me with all your WIP's !!

Love the backgrounds you create!

AnastasiaC said...

ahhh yes the Mum hat!! we all know that well!!
its going to be a great collage - you should create some glamour girl collages for
have you heard of it??