Monday, September 29, 2008

Custom Collages

"Custom Artwork Available" says so on my business card. However, I have only been approached a handful of times to create a custom piece. I wonder sometimes if customers think that the only images I can use are those of vintage folks that so often grace my collages. In reality, I can use almost any image.

The collage featured here was created using a photo of mine from 1974. Here we BFF and me back in our glory days :) I scanned the photograph, changed the coloring in Photoshop and voila'...a collage steeped in memories. I also took special care to include elements in the background that had relevance, such as the song lyric "tho we're apart" (as we are these days) and also the reference to New York, where we grew up together.

She really enjoyed receiving this gift and I imagine others would feel the same upon receiving such a collage. So if you are looking for a unique holiday gift this season, click "custom artwork" in my sidebar and we'll take it from there.

BTW...I'm the one on the right with the tinsel teeth...and we always wore our overalls to school on the same day :D


© Nancy Lefko


Kathy said...

So funny, glory days. Ha! Too cute, I like it.

PCarriker said...

What a great collage Nancy! A wonderful way to cherish a memory.

Sherry said...

1974..oh my that brings back memories for me!! You and your bff look amazing...and I'm sure you still do!!

Metsy said...

Love it Nancy, beautiful work as always. The personal message is something I'm sure she'll cherish as well. :)

Diana Evans said...

wonderful work Nancy!!! this is awesome and I can see you doing many of these...

Fannie said...

Very nice, Nancy!

Flying Colors said...

Oh so sweet Nancy. You definitely know what friendship is about!
I have a surprise for you :)
Best to you!

Roberta said...

The artist reveals yet another small piece of herself.... look how cute the two of you are together!!
I'm sure she was "head over heels" to receive such a lovely and personal gift.

BTW, to you still have the overalls?

ValGalArt said...

How wonderful and you look so darling! How awesome that you are still close too :)

Ginger*:)* said...

This is just so charming! I knew that was you before I even read the text....and you haven't changed a bit!

Well, you do have your own kiddies, and your hair is shorter, but other than that, I would have known you anywhere! Great job on this, and what a great idea.

Persimmons Gal said...

I love it!

I love doing custom work as long as the customer lets me do what I want! he he.