Monday, September 3, 2007

Heavenly Challenge

One of my goals this Fall is to challenge myself artistically. To try Amazingly, I got right to it, at least in a small way. I wanted to reach beyond my 4x4 world, so I bought 8x10 canvas panels, new paint colors and stamps, and set to work (or is it really play?) I decided to start with paint and then add paper, rather than the reverse. This is a small change, I know, but it changed the whole process for me and hey, it was fun! Having a space more than twice as large to work on was also fun, but a challenge in itself as there was more space to fill. I hope to have this piece listed on Ebay tonight...we'll see if it draws any attention. (Interestingly enough, when I list pieces larger than my standard 4x4, they do not draw much interest. Don't know why that is?) Anyway, if you feel so inclined, I would love to know what you think of my first step 'out of the box.'

©Nancy Lefko


Kathleen Rietz said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! First of all, I love fleur de lis, and I really like the imagery and the way you have laid it out. This is wonderful!!

Paola said...

oh! Heavenly passion!
Good for you to step out of the box!
Sometimes little changes can make a great difference. I think that the real change is inside us when we decide to face a challenge, to move out from our comfortable zone and enjoy the process.
You are making a great work playing with your creativity ^-^