Monday, December 7, 2015

Fun with Art-C Products

Art-C provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

When approached by Art-C to create a project with their supplies, I answered with a resounding "Yes!" I truly enjoyed their products while reviewing The GROOVE tool and welcomed the opportunity to explore even more.

When the products arrived, I gathered them together with some miscellaneous items of my own and soon a creative idea began to brew.

I began with an Art-C 6x6 wood pallet as a substrate and applied a dry brush application of their white chalk paint, followed by applications of chestnut and blue gel stains. I applied the gel stain with a foam brush, not needing much as a little goes a long way. I also used my fingers to blend the gel stain.

To create a splatter effect, I dipped a toothbrush in a bit of chestnut gel stain and flicked the bristles over the wood pallet.

Again with a dry brush, I applied the Art-C white chalk paint to a piece of torn corrugated cardboard. I added color to the edges and ribs with a foam brush and the chestnut gel stain.

Using a torn piece of decorative text paper from the Art-C Botanical Collage Kit, I applied chestnut gel stain to the edges and with a foam brush stenciled the word 'family' with an Art-C stencil.

I treated a 3x3 wood pallet with the same products (white chalk paint and chestnut & blue gel stains) and in the same manner as the 6x6 pallet. Onto that small pallet I assembled a gel stained doily and frame from the collage kit with a vintage photo and some tea-stained cheesecloth.

A cork sticker of leaves from the Botanical Collage Kit was highlighted with the chestnut gel stain and added to the assemblage.

After an application of chestnut gel stain to the edges of the postcard and words from the collage kit, I affixed them to the 6x6 wood pallet along with the corrugated cardboard and the 3x3 wood pallet assemblage.

The end result is a lovely & special tribute to family, all possible with these great products from Art-C:

- 6x6 wood pallet
- 3x3 wood pallet
- ultra chalk paint, white
- gel stain, blue
- gel stain, chestnut
- 'family' stencil
- botanical collage kit

Additional supplies:

- corrugated cardboard
- tea-stained cheesecloth
- adhesive
- paintbrush
- foam brush
- toothbrush

© Nancy Lefko

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