Monday, September 21, 2015

Journal Making

Yes, the last thing I need is another journal, and yet making them is so darn much FUN...I can't stop! I learned this technique for a cover from "Roses on the Table Journal Journey" and it's one I will use often as it yields a great looking journal in a short time. In just a couple of days, this journal went from start to finish. Filling the pages will take much longer, but that's irrelevant. It's all about the fun of book-binding.

After covering the cardboard cover with paper from a brown bag, I added design with stencils and molding paste. I settled a special word into the molding paste.

Watered down gesso comes next.

I used aqua and burnt sienna acrylic paint to give the journal an aged/verdigris look, then followed it up with a dry brush application of vanilla acrylic.

When the signatures and cover were ready, with holes punched, it was time to bind the book. Right now my favorite method is the long stitch but I hope to learn more techniques to vary the look of my journals.

I just love the way a hand bound journal feels in my hand...and the process of book-binding is great fun.

© Nancy Lefko