Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lobster Art from Start to Finish

I don't often create art expressly for my own home, but inspiration struck and I just went with it!

I have long wanted a piece for our screen porch that reminds me of my favorite family vacation spot, so Mr. Lobster was born.

It's often fun...for me, and MAYBE for you...to see how a piece evolves over time. Here goes...

The 13" x 16" canvas actually began as a floral still life I'd purchased at a thrift store. I never hung the painting and eventually no longer wanted to, so a little gesso and some ephemera collage and I was on my way to a new piece of original art.

Using inspiration from my art journal, I sketched the lobster onto the collaged background.

Using acrylics, I filled in the background.

Using mark-makers...bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard...I added design elements to the background.

A dry brush application of antique white acrylic adds a little interest.

Using gouache, I filled in the lobster.

The lobster was outlined with a black Stabilo pencil; letters were added using stencils, filled in with gouache paint and outlined with charcoal pencil.

The deep edges of the canvas were painted in a black & white checkerboard pattern...

...and finally Mr. Lobster took up residence on our screen porch...a perfect reminder of a very happy place.

© Nancy Lefko


GlorV1 said...

What a beautiful piece Nancy. I loved your process. Great job and looks great on your porch.

Ali Manning said...

This turned out great - I love it!