Saturday, June 16, 2012

You Gotta Have Friends

A few weeks ago I read a Facebook message from my friend,Carol Berger, saying she had received her complimentary issue of Somerset Studio GALLERY and a piece of my artwork was published. She also mentioned our friend, Pat May, had a piece in an artist spotlight.

When, for some reason, Pat and I didn't receive our copies, Pat decided she could wait no longer and purchased an issue...and also sent one to me!

Pat's beautiful chartreuse hearts are featured here

and Carol's Halloween collages are also given full page honors. Congratulations ladies!

Pat also included a little ephemera in my package. She knows I'll put it to good use...thank you, Pat.

Pat, Carol and I met through a Mixed Media Artists' Etsy forum some years ago and have stayed in touch since those days via Facebook and email. We have yet to meet in person, and who knows if we ever will. But thanks to the amazing online community, I am able to keep in touch and build friendships with these two great ladies and so many more. It really is amazing.

Images © Pat May, Carol Berger and Stampington, Inc.


whyte said...

And look at your blog post I stumbled upon over at FB this afternoon. So glad it got to you quickly. I still have not received a comp copy; happy I took the plunge and bought these, I'm enjoying the issue. Love your Fun in the Sun! I've wanted to say that but wasn't sure if you knew what piece they published and wanted that to be a surprise if you did not know yet! I savor these magazines now. It's like my last treat before I sleep at night, I grab the issue and my eyes pour in detail and read ever word in the articles! I'm just on page 54!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Love those hearts!!

QueenBe said...

If I had to choose 2 friends to share the pages of a magazine with, I couldn't think of 2 that I would rather put at the top of my list. What a thrill it has been to get to know you and Pat over the years, Nancy. And I have high hopes we WILL meet, one day. Great issue, great friend!!! C