Friday, June 22, 2012

Illustration Friday ~ SPACE

One of the hardest things we must do as parents is to give our children the SPACE they need to fly off and leave the nest.

As the mom of two college-age boys (and a third safely tucked under my wing) I know how hard it is to watch my young men begin their adult lives away from the safety of home and mom's watchful eye. We just need to have faith that we've raised them well...and let them go.

To see the myriad of takes on the prompt, hop on over to Illustration Friday and check out all of the marvelous artwork there is to see.

Collage available in my Etsy shop.

© Nancy Lefko


Rob Colvin said...

Wonderful Collage, Nancy!

Vicki Smith said...

Such a darling image, Nancy, and a nice tie-in to the prompt.

Sonal Panse said...

Good one, Nancy. I enjoyed looking at the other works too.

Katrin said...

I love your collage - but even more your interpretation of the topic!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

What a wise and heart-felt post! I love your winged-collage illo.

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