Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Surtex 2012

After months of anticipating my attendance at Surtex in New York City, it has come and gone just like that. I was fortunate to meet with my agent, Julie Ager of Artistic Designs Group, for the first time face to face. It was delightful to have time to chat with Julie and her mother and business partner, Mary Ann.

Traveling with my best friend, Marianne, made the trip so much more fun. It was quite awhile since we'd been in NYC together; back in our twenties it was a regular meeting place as I lived on Long Island and she in New Jersey. It was fabulous to experience Surtex and a beautiful day in the city together.

We drove down to New Jersey from her present home in Upstate New York and took the ferry across the Hudson River directly to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

Walking the floor at Surtex was an amazing and inspiring experience. The wealth of talent is incredible with one booth more beautiful than the next! We also strolled through the National Stationery Show which shares the floor with Surtex. We ALMOST made it to the last few rows of that show, but our feet/legs/back decided we'd seen enough. (Let me tell you folks, that place is HUGE!)

Back at the Surtex side of the convention center for another visit with Julie & Mary Ann and then it was time to head back to New Jersey. Before boarding the ferry we took a stroll over to the USS Intrepid for a few quick photos. Quite the impressive sight!

Another glorious ferry ride across the Hudson, on what was a spectacular sunny day, gave us a last look at the New York City skyline. We traveled on into New Jersey to spend the rest of the day and the following morning with Marianne's family whom I hadn't seen in far too long.

Although my time at the show was too brief and the whirlwind journey to New Jersey, New York and back, went too quickly, it was the absolute best!

© Nancy Lefko


SueAnn Lommler said...

Oh how exciting for you!! Congrats!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Very thrilling! I will be heading there in a few weeks for the BookExpo... same place too. Beautiful pictures.