Thursday, April 26, 2012

It All Begins with a Sketch

Ideas for a new series have been whirling around in my head, so the first step is to sketch them in my idea book or they'll be lost forever when my mind gets filled with a thousand other things.

The idea for a series relating to ballet came from a friend's suggestion. Once I began the sketching it brought me back to my high school art classes where I created many, many images of dancers in a variety of media. That prompted the question, "Where is my old high school art portfolio?" I know it is here SOMEWHERE. I'd love to find it and photograph some of the work to use somehow in my current ballet series. The first search did not yield results. But I won't give up. Apparently there will need to be a good amount of digging and reorganizing in the basement to uncover my old portfolio.

Stay tuned :)

© Nancy Lefko

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