Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finding Time

I wasn't able to carve out much time this weekend to work on my new mixed media series. However, I did find time to journal when I settled down on the couch for a Saturday evening with hubby and son #3.

The pages were prepped with paint and collage elements (which was done while the first step on my new series was drying) so all I needed were my markers and charcoal pencil...oh, and an old Perry Mason movie by the fireside.

Just another thing I love about art journaling...portability.

© Nancy Lefko


scrapwordsmom said...

They look great, Nancy. I just bought the latest Art Journaling magazine from Somerset...looking forward to reading your article.

Have a happy day!


i.ikeda said...

Those look wonderful. I haven't tried art journaling yet, and I'm a bit afraid to try for some reason. I've kept journals since I was 11 (!!) but there's never even been a doodle in them...
You make me want to try it. I love your pages shown here.

itsadomelife said...

I think these two are on my list of favorites. I love the butterlies under the eyes!