Monday, July 18, 2011

It Won't Be Long Now

I'm looking forward to a great time at Art Is...You: The East Coast Art Retreat!

For so long it seemed so far off...and now...WHOOOOSH, summer is here and I know that before long I'll be shipping my college boy back to school and shopping for school supplies for the two boys still in the nest. WHOOOSH....that's what summer does, even though I'd love for it to last and linger.

But the end of summer 2011 will also be greeted with anticipation for Art Is...You! Believe me, the attendees are already so stoked and ready for magical, artful goodness!

Join me for "Mixed Media Farmer's Market,"where we'll create textures and designs and glorious flowers, fruits and veggies in all their mixed media glory!

Hope to see you there!

© Nancy Lefko


Jenny Petricek said...

Sounds like such fun! Love these collages, esp. the bottom one, with the interesting texture in the lower left corner. How did you create it? Did you use a stencil and modeling paste? Awesome collages!

SOiNTOiT said...

I'll tell you, art is a wonderful distraction for the times we moms and grandmas have to 'ship a kid off somewhere'...

SueAnn said...

Sure sounds fun and oh so tempting. But I am totally booked up for the rest of the year. Sigh!!
Maybe next year?!

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

Both are beautiful art works and so inspiring!