Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Glimpse into the Past

During my semi-annual foray into the "still-good shed" at our local transfer station -- searching for books to use in mixed media -- I came upon a gem. (Well, really, a couple of gems.) This lovely old botany book had a treasure tucked inside. The previous owner had taken care to press in the book a leaf that corresponded with the page.

I was immediately filled with thoughts of that young, or maybe older, aspiring botanist, and curiosity about that fine soul's life. It is the same curiosity and wonder that I feel when I come upon a vintage photograph; who was she? what became of her? are questions I often ask myself.

I suppose therein lies my fondness for all things vintage, and my goal to breathe new life into items from the past. I believe that those who came before us deserve to be remembered and I do my best to make sure that they're not forgotten.

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Jenny Petricek said...

What a terrific find! It reminds of when I opened a German-language Bible that belonged to my great-grandmother, and found all of these wonderful little scraps of paper tucked within the pages. There were vintage bookmarks, old recipes and birth/death notices from the newspaper, scribblings in her handwriting, and lots of other stuff that she apparently found so important that it had to be saved in the Bible. Although some people think these scraps of paper are just garbage, it really made me feel as though I knew this woman, who died before I was born.

Thanks for sharing this story!