Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend to Remember

For me, art journaling is valuable for a number of reasons.

Certainly, it allows the artist to experiment with new media and techniques in the safety of her journal and keep a record of those experiments and their results. An art journal is also a wonderful venue for pouring out one's heartfelt thoughts when there is need for a place of safe-keeping. And a journal is great when traveling and keeping a visual record of new places, sights and adventures along life's highway.

This weekend I turned to my art journal to record the special feelings of hosting a dear friend visiting from Minnesota. We only see our friend Jack once a year and our visits are far too brief. A photo of the beautiful roses he brought for me is the focal point of the page, as is the handsome sailor, representing Jack in his younger days.

It's important to record life's special moments and memories; to take the time to put feelings into word and art. I'm grateful for my art journal...the place in which to do both. And I'm grateful for friends like Jack, who's one in a million.

© Nancy Lefko


slommler said...

Love your page!! Perfect tribute to friendship!

Ginger*:) said...

A lovely tribute to your friend, Jack. I enjoyed meeting him and know how important it is to treasure our friends, near and far. Beautiful!

Pam Carriker said...

lovely page and reason to journal:-)

Dave said...

wonderful page...says so much!