Monday, March 21, 2011

Journal Fodder Junkies Challenge #3: Steppingstones

Challenge #3 at Journal Fodder Junkies is STEPPINGSTONES and is presented in this way:

"What have been your steppingstones – those significant moments of your life? What have been the moments when significant change or growth has occurred? What have these shifts meant for you and the direction of your life?"

The most significant change in my life was when I became a mother almost twenty years ago. Funny how you never quite master that is ever-changing and always throwing new curves.

A more recent change in my life happened five or so years ago when I decided to make a concerted effort in my artistic life. Now I balance the roles of mother, wife and artist along with other hats that I wear in any given week.

We are always facing changes and new shifts in the direction we thought was a sure and steady one. It is the love and devotion of my family and friends that keeps me on an even keel no matter how fierce the winds of change.

© Nancy Lefko


Erin Keane said...

Nice journal page Nancy! Are you familiar with Lynne Perrella's "Artists' Journals and Sketchbooks"? Your work reminds me of a mixture of artists represented in that book.

Jen said...

I'm mesmerized by this page! Very interesting to read about, as well as analyze, to learn how certain techniques work! I've stared at it for several minutes, and appreciate very much all of the rich texture and layering.