Saturday, March 19, 2011

Journal Fodder Junkies Challenge #2: Personal Mythologies

I am happy to participate in the challenges set forth by the Journal Fodder Junkies. The second challenge, PERSONAL MYTHOLOGIES, took a bit of reflection, but the question posed at the site helped me find the direction for my journal page.

"What are the stories that you have told yourself over and over to the point that you believe them and accept them?"

Sometimes the "self-doubt demons" get to whispering in my ear. They want me to believe that I am really not as capable as I would like to think; that I'm just putting on a good show, and in essence, just pretending.

The only way to shut them up is to work even harder, take on more challenges and do the very best I can in every area of my life.

Do you ever feel like you're just pretending?

© Nancy Lefko


slommler said...

I love this journal page Nancy!! Gorgeous! Yes I know what you mean about pretending...sometimes I do that when I am visiting a new client. I pretend I totally famous and successful...and by gummy...I become that very thing!! Ha!!

Erin Keane said...

Nancy, I also often feel like I am pretending. I wonder how many artists out there feel like that? (or really, how many people in general out there feel like that?) Probably more than we could guess!

I look forward to seeing your next JFJ Challenge response. Erin

Jen said...

I can totally relate to your comments about "self-doubt demons." Although I think I've overcome many of these demons since I branched out into mixed-media about a year ago, there are still moments when I feel paralyzed to try something new or experiment with a new technique, convinced I'll never be able to get it right. The demon of comparing myself to other artists has also reared its ugly head at times...and I just need to remember that everyone is at a different stage in their creative journey...and that the only thing I can do is to keep on going, that I'll make it where I'm supposed to be eventually, with more practice and experience.

Juan said...

What a wonderful image! Awesome!!

Laurel said...

Beautiful work Nancy! I was listening to a well known radio personality who commented that so many famous artists and musicians he had interviewed were not really sure if they could call themselves artists, that maybe they were just pretending. He found it odd, but I understand. I certainly feel that way too!