Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pursuing Portraits with Pam

Over the course of the last few weeks I've found myself in a creative funk. I haven't felt motivated to create anything or even to visit my studio. I have not been enjoying this feeling. Yesterday, seeking inspiration, I turned to my workshop with Pam Carriker at Creative Workshops. Since signing up for the class, I had neither the time nor the motivation to begin, but I knew that I needed to push myself and I am glad that I did.

In the second lesson for Pursuing Portraits, the assignment is to create a journal page using a copy of your own image and collage elements that represent what is important to you. In no time I was rolling along, immersed in my journal page and sorry I had stayed away from my art desk for so long.

Thanks Pam, for the inspiration, not to mention the wonderful lessons in Pursuing Portraits.

© Nancy Lefko


Silke said...

That is beautiful, Nancy! I know just what funk you are talking about. I was thinking this morning that today, I am just going to make myself start and I have a feeling that - like with you - everything else will flow from there... Hugs, Silke said...

Awesome job Nancy! So glad you found some inspiration and motivation to get your art life back in swing:-)
PS Be sure to stop by my blog and grab a button or two, one is for Pursuing Portraits:-)

slommler said...

Love the page!!! Been in those funks myself. Since finishing that large commission I have not been up to doing "art" since. Guess I will have to push myself as well.
Thanks for the encouragement.

Elizabeth Parsons said...

I call those times my 'Fallow Time'...while I am in them I am almost desparate because the feeling is that I will NEVER create again. But I've learned that for me, this time is necessary. I need it to refill. Sort of my mind saying- "take a break", relax, reflect, renew. If I try to force work at this time- it is usuallly pretty bad!! What generally happens is that these times are followed by an intense time of creating. One thing I do during these times is just sit in my studio and organize, nest, putter. Just the way it is , I guess! Lovely journal page!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Oh dear but those funks are miserable! I really detest when I fall into one. And sometimes I think the hardest part is that first step back to the worktable and yet that is what it often takes to get out of that funk. Kind of a catch 22. So I'm glad you pushed yourself and revisited Pam's class and found that push back to the worktable my dear. What a wonderful piece!

Nicole Austin said...

great art journaling! i'm glad you're out of your funk. i've been feeling that same way, too. it's hard to get motivated but then once i get going, i can't stop. isn't it funny that once we just start we wonder, "well, that wasn't so hard after all!" what a fun class. i love taking online classes. what a great creative pick-me-up!

KathrynAntyr said...

Those funks definitely don't feel good but they are part of the creative cycle. Sometimes I find resting is needed while other times pushing through is in order. I'm happy that you are getting your creative groove back!

Juan said...

Great piece nancy!

Kathy said...

Love it Nancy.
Well I guess we all agree, we get the funks...I am thinking I might be in one now. Art AND otherwise, lol.
Stopping in to say hello, blog night for me.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Wonderful! Glad to read you found some creative inspiration in this project. Thanks for sharing Nancy. ;)