Friday, October 15, 2010

Illustration Friday ~ SPOOKY

A perfect prompt for this SPOOKY time of year...the wind is howling and the leaves are flying, but the dead needn't give you the shivers.

I encourage you to visit the Illustration Friday website, follow the links and find all of the wonderful artwork and blogs.

Collage available in my Etsy shop.

© Nancy Lefko


Ginger*:) said...

No the dead need not give you shivers, but in a moment any one of these three might just do that. I would be very suspicious of people wearing dark pointy hats. Wonderful collage, Nancy *:)

Elizabeth Parsons said...

Great collage! I see you are teaching next year at
Art is... what will you be teaching?

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

These wonderful people look fabulous in your collage! I really like this so very much. However I do not want to see them in my sleep. he he he he!! Great work. You are masterful at what you do.

Juan said...

Great piece Nancy!

roberta baird said...

I love pointy hatted dead folks!

I thought I'd stop by to look at your wonderful work and say Hello Nancy!

Ronni said...

I like the message. :)

Nina Seven said...

Hi Nancy - I just saw this one! It's so cool, I love those hats! Hey, I'm wondering where you get all your fun vintage photos for your art. I'm going to do a project that I think might need some b&w vintage art and I have no idea where to get it. You can email me privately Thanks!