Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wonderful Surprise

Sometimes the good luck fairy really shines on you! And that is what happened when I stumbled upon a question posed by the very talented Lisa Kaus.

"What is the year, make and model of this car?" she asked on her Facebook page. The first correct respondent would receive a treat. Well, the auto pictured happened to be my all-time favorite car...a 1966 Ford Mustang...I dream about owning that car.

The timing was right, I was the first to answer correctly and lo and behold, the wonderful wall hanging pictured above arrived in my mailbox this week.

Only a week or so prior I had ordered the dragonfly wall hanging, so now I have a pair of beautiful Lisa Kaus prints in my kitchen to brighten my days.

Thank you so much Lisa, for your generosity, and for reminding me to "dream big." (I'm still jealous over the Mustang, though :)

Artwork © Lisa Kaus


Dyche Designs said...

How neat is that, congrats.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Lucky Gal! And what fantastic wall hangings. I love the dragonfly.

Nicole Austin said...

lucky you! :) what a great pair of wall hangings! :)

rachel awes said...

oh, your art is beautiful
& that pear in a post below
is the most delicious one ever!!!
dream big is right & lol to yours!!