Sunday, June 27, 2010

Art Journaling Summer 2010

With great joy I received my copy of the Summer 2010 issue of Art Journaling by Somerset Studio. My article, entitled "Seamless Layers," is my third for this publication and the feeling of seeing an article in print just never gets old.

I share the pages of the magazine with many talented artists, including my good friend, and "Cover Girl," Pam Carriker.

I received a very kind email yesterday:

"Hi Nancy - Sunday morning here in Auckland New Zealand and I am leisurely looking through my latest 'Journalling by Somerset Studio'. Your article has given me huge inspiration. Just thought I would drop you a line to say I love your work."

What a joy. Sincere thanks to a very kind soul who took the time to send a note and really made my day.

If you haven't yet picked up a copy of this publication, I strongly recommend doing so. It is a wonderful magazine filled with beautiful journal pages.

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Pam Carriker said...

Yeah Nancy! I just got mine too and your pages are so you and fabulous!!

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Absolutly wonderful Nancy! Congrats! You and Pam are the Journaling girls. :-)

Nicole Austin said...

i love your pages! congrats! i'm off to pick up this magazine today! :) it is my favorite sommerset publication.

Jan J. said...

Wow the article looks amazing! I'm off to Barnes and Noble tomorrow to see if it's in yet! Your work is so inspirational - I love that you got in this amazing publication. By the time the new issues of most of the Somerset magazines hit the stands, I've practically memorized the pages of the last issues!

whyte said...

Congratulations Nancy! I will have to make my trip to B&N in Orlando to find this issue, but it's worth the trip to see both you and Pam in it, what an inspiration! You both must be dancing!!

slommler said...

Congrats girl!!! How fabulous!! Can't wait to get my copy!

Sherry said...

very cool
I need to go to Barnes & Noble and pick this one up

Elizabeth Parsons said...

congrats! i have not purchased any journaling magazines yet, but may now have to go buy it to see your article!

Just today I sat and slowly went thru my current journal. My sweet hubby bought me a beautiful cavillini hand made leather journal in 2003 with beautiful creamy thick hand made Italian paper...such a treat to work in that journal with this fantasic paper! It is almost finished and I am almost sorry it's about complete...your pages are wonderful and very inspiring!

QueenBe said...

That's great , Nancy! ALl your hard work is really paying off. Congratulations.

Pila said...

I always love your articles in Art Journaling--Pam Carriker's too. :)

ArtSnark said...

congrats, Nancy!

Kristin said...

I have mine right in front of me! It is a beautiful article and gorgeous spread. Congratulations, Kristin o

Denise said...

Hi Nancy...I just had to tell you I saw your journal pages in both the current summer issue and I bought an older Autumn '09 Issue of Art Journaling, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. They are very interesting and inspiring. I have been taking notes as I look at everyone's different styles in the mag and trying to figure out what it is I like about all the beautiful pages so I can get started on a style of my own. Thanks so much for sharing your gift! Denise Riches

TonyaA said...

Lovely Creations!