Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Doodle All the Day

What do you do when you are sitting on the couch with your sick child, keeping him company as he recuperates, and you've logged at least 10 hours of "Bewitched" reruns?

Before going a bit stir crazy, you reach for your art journal and...what else?

...doodle all the day!

© Nancy Lefko


Lisa M Griffin said...

Love your creations!Especially the top "She inspires, nurtures, loves..." what a gorgeous layout filled with one of my favorite things and symbols. The butterfly!
Thanks for sharing and I hope your little one feels better soon.

Ginger*:) said...

These are gorgeous! And I like the use of the black and white accent.

For the little guy, get a copy of UP! It will be worth watching in between "bewitched" and you may
want to borrow a kleenex from your partner on the couch.

Hope he feels better soon, he is too sweet to be so sick.

Diana Evans said...

oh what fun pieces Nancy!!! these are adorable!!! your work always makes me smile!!!


Brenda Lynn said...

These made me giggle, Nancy. As a mother, at the time we groan, but when they're older and on their own, you look back on these moments with a touch of sadness. Even the irritating moments are priceless.

Becky Black Powell said...

Boy, can I identify with this piece. I love this, Nancy. It's so true.

Kathy said...

I wish I could doodle like this, this isn't just doodling...this is talent. Much as I enjoyed Pam's class, I simply can not journal...I think it is my anxiety...lol. But you my friend have taken off with this, your work is fabulous. One of these days...I will try again.
Sending lots of love your way...

Healing Expressions said...

HI Nancy,
Thanks so much for your sweet visit to my blog! I have been enjoying devouring all the eye candy here today! I so admire your work and hope your day is creatively blessed today!

Heather Robinson said...

I'm always so honoured when you leave a comment on my blog because I am a big fan of your artwork and actually took your online workshop from Joggles. These doodling pages are amazing! Never an idle moment in your world obviously! The use of different lettering is so intriguing.