Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thank You, Fannie

I am often reminded of the supportive world through which we bloggers frolic. My heart is warmed by the many artists who offer up genuine support and encouragement. I do not think I could traverse the art world waters without the lift those artists give to me. It surely wouldn't be a journey quite as bright and joyful.

One such artist is the delightful Fannie Narte, who offered up this kind post on her blog about me and my collage art. Fannie is very talented and creates beautiful works of art in paper and fabric. Please visit her blog and Etsy shop to share in her magic.

It has been my distinct pleasure getting to know Fannie, and many others I will never "meet" but with whom I have a very real connection.


Diana Evans said...

Hi Nancy...I read Fannie's post and it was wonderful...she has one of the biggest hearts ever...

Your work is a wonderful gift to all of us!!!


Fannie said...

Thanks for your ACEO! I'm grateful to have met you too, and always enjoy your visits and uplifting comments.

P.S. Diana is the Queen of Hearts. ;-D

Lisa M Griffin said...

Fannie is truly one of the "gems of blogging".
She never ceases to amaze me in her art and her positive energy.