Sunday, December 30, 2007

Femme Fatale

This is the first collage I have done since before Christmas. It was hard to get back in the groove of creating, as it has been quite a while and also I have come down with the "post-Christmas cold." At least it waited this long to strike and at least I am the only one in the house afflicted so far. I prepped two more canvases today and hopefully tomorrow I will be visited by a muse and will make it back into my studio, which nowadays needs the space heater to be tolerable.

So for my last post of 2007, I wish you all a glorious new year and all the blessings you so deserve. You have done much for this artist's heart and soul through your supportive and kind comments. THANK YOU.

© Nancy Lefko

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rbaird said...

And a Happy New Year to you Nancy. It has been wonderful to visit your blog and see your delightful work and get to know the person behind it! I hope you feel better soon.