Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New York Gal

I just said goodbye to a dear friend after a wonderful visit at my home with her and her boys. We are friends from WAY BACK...let's see...we've been friends for 36 years! We grew up together in New York and were practically a part of each other's family. Although our current families get together but once a year, our boys have made a close connection and look forward to the get-togethers as much as the moms. I made this collage before their arrival last weekend and it reminds me of the old days as a New Yorker. You can take the gal out of New York, but you can never take the New York out of the gal. Thanks, Chris, for all the memories and all the good times yet to come. I hope each person who reads this is as blessed as I have had a lifelong friendship.


Ginger*:)* said...

Radio City Music Hall is just a breath away from this lovely lady. I knew a rockette back in the city. She was a wonderful lively person with so many stories to tell. I like the way you create a story to go with each grouping of letters and photos.

Paola said...

This collage is very sweet and ellegant! But your last words have specially touched me today. Tonight is my best friend's daughter 15's birthday and I am really moved. We have been friends for 31 years and shared a whole life, school, club, university, marriages, children. Although we don't live close now I always feel our friendship like a blessing too :)

Mim said...

Oh, can I ever relate to the NY comment. I am from Brooklyn - and while not having lived there for about a million years, still consider myself a NYC gal.