Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Documented Life Project Week 2

The Documented Life Project - The Journal has thus far been very inspiring and helped me to make time for my art journal. This, the second week, had a quote as a prompt: “The beginning is always today” by Mary Shelley, as well as a challenge to use gesso.

I began my pages with a covering of miscellaneous text and then added gesso through stencils.

I used Pam Carriker's sheer acrylics as a base of color, first adding MUSTARD color to the page by drop-fuls (loving the applicator top to these bottles) and blending with a paintbrush. Amazing how little paint produces such a rich, but at the same time sheer, color. When that was dry I added the color RAIN to select areas with a sponge applicator and blended with my fingers. I love the way the paints picked up the texture in the gesso.

With a liner brush I used Pam's ink, in the RUSTED color, to highlight areas of the gesso textures.

After a little rubber stamping, collage and stenciling, the spread is complete.

Thanks for visiting.

© Nancy Lefko


Megan P. said...

Really pretty! I love the colors and the way you've built up the page.

Lisa M Griffin said...

How beautiful Nancy. I love the color palette you selected for this.