Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Get Thee to an Art Retreat"

Wiser words were never spoken. Although the Art Is...You Art Retreats abound with art and creativity, there is so much more you receive from the experience. Camaraderie, generosity, friendship, laughter, inspiration, support and love are around every corner. Event organizers, Sallianne McClelland & Ellen Legare, work tirelessly year-round to ensure that the events are all you'd ever want & MORE!

This year I taught "Little Book of Secrets," a class where we created small journals using mixed media techniques and filled them with art journaling. I strive each year to make the student kits not only complete, but attractive, fun and filled with special goodies.

As in past years, I was blessed with a lovely group of students who took to the techniques like fish to water and in no time were creating gorgeous journals!

Each student created two beautiful little journal books...each very unique with the artist's personal touch.

Art Is...You brings joy not only to attendees and faculty, but stretches far and wide to bring joy to others. This year's "Living in Generosity" event provided art journals & kits to needy women and children as well as dresses & dolls for young girls in need.

After a day filled to the brim with creativity, there is always time to relax and laugh with friends whom we seldom see...time to catch up over drinks and a nice meal.

All too soon it is time to say goodbye and we look forward to the next time we are reunited.

YES..."get thee to an art retreat"...and if you want to attend the "best-of-the-best" then you need look no further than Art Is...You Art Retreats. In 2014 the AIY family will be traveling to Dixie, Australia, California and back to Connecticut. You owe it to yourself to join in the fun!

© Nancy Lefko

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kathleen nesi said...

we wait all year for this retreat and in the blink of an eye it's over...poof! just like that! so glad we got to spend time together!n