Monday, September 17, 2012

New Series

It's always fun to create a new series and make the transition from what's swirling around in your mind's eye onto paper.

This series, dubbed "Ribbons of Inspiration," is loosely inspired by pages in my art journal, which frequently feature a "ribbon element."

I'm just a gal who likes to swirl and doodle with markers in her art journal, and it's fun to take that one step farther.

© Nancy Lefko


whyte said...

I love the ribbons, and I love the typography; it is so "hot" right now!

Lisa M Griffin said...

wonderful... sometimes we all could use a daily, positive reminder. :)

helen said...

Love your ribbons and the colors and the way your message is intertwined! Saw your beautiful bluebird on Brave Girls Club and just had to take a look. I was visiting in Peterborough for a job interview in April and remember how pretty it was!