Monday, January 2, 2012

Journal In the New Year

Around our house the new year is welcomed in quietly, with all of us at home, watching movies by the fire. Before and in between features, I cuddled up with my art journal and played around on pages that had previously been collaged.

Using a technique learned from my friend Pam Carriker, I printed out pages from previous journals to use as collage elements. The twist, however, is the journal pages are printed in black & white only, not even any grays. Then I cut up the pages, reassemble into completely new page arrangements and add watercolors, markers and more. Pam's method for recycling journal pages is great fun.

Tomorrow the boys head back to school and the Christmas vacation is officially over. My lazy days of journaling by the fire will be fewer and farther between now, but I hope in the new year I can make a concerted effort to give myself the gift of time to journal.

© Nancy Lefko


ArtSnark said...

cool technique & fun designs. Best wishes for a fabulous 2012

SueAnn said...

Loving your recycled journal pages! Very cool!!
Happy 2012

Anonymous said...

Wonderful indeed! What a great way to begin a new year than working with your journal!!! Do make sure you give yourself that time!!!