Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Bags Are Packed...

Well, at least my art bags are packed....and that's the important stuff, right? I still have to throw together my suitcase before I pack the car for Friday's departure. I'm anxiously awaiting my arrival at Art Is...You: The East Coast Art Retreat in Danbury, CT. I'll be meeting folks I've known online for many years and I anticipate a wondrous time filled with art, laughter and dear friends!

I've crafted ATC's, from copies of an original piece, to give away at the retreat as little tokens of friendship. I chose the piece, "begin the journey," to represent this journey for me as an artist. Not simply the journey from New Hampshire to Connecticut, but the journey as an instructor at an art retreat. Up until now my teaching has been at our local art school and via my online workshops. I'm journeying into unknown waters...anxious to see what awaits! I trust others at the retreat will feel somewhat the same...and I hope they are as thrilled as I to "begin the journey."

© Nancy Lefko


Seth said...

Happy travels Nancy. See you soon!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Lovely, and what beautiful and thoughtful keepsakes. Enjoy your journey and creative time. :)