Monday, September 26, 2011

With Deep Gratitude

It never ceases to amaze me...the generosity of folks I have never "met," but have crossed paths with many times in this amazing blog world. There is a connection that reaches out through cyberspace, across this country and often, across the globe. I will never tire of its enormity; how it can take a vast world and make it seem, somehow, small and cozy.

Jennifer Valentine, a gifted artist whose blog reflects the beauty of its author, had a giveaway awhile back and I was one of the very lucky prize winners! My prize, you ask? THIS gorgeous jewelry hanger that was featured, YES!, in Somerset Home magazine. Can you see my smile from there? I was SO excited to learn that I had won a Jennifer Valentine original.

But that's not all! Jennifer, being the generous soul that she is, included three... yes, three!...pair of handcrafted earrings. A pair for me and two pair to share with friends. I can hardly wait until I meet my GF for coffee tomorrow morning and surprise her with these lovely earrings! (and send a pair to another GF.) How fun is that?

Jennifer also included the cutest notepad (made from a paint sample!) with a note that made my heart smile :) Thank you Jennifer!

And here is the beautiful jewelry hanger, already adorned, near my vanity. Perfection!

Do yourself a favor and visit Jennifer's blog and ABSOLUTELY visit her Etsy shop. You will love what you see :)

Thank you, dear Jennifer!

***check back very soon for a giveaway of my say thanks to Jennifer by means of paying it forward :) ***


carlanda brown williamson said...

nancy, congratulations! i agree that she is the sweetest soul walking this earth. i love her blog and her jewelry and poetry are incredible! xo

Jennifer Valentine said...

I'm seriously blushing!
THANK YOU Nancy, from the depths of my heart, for taking the time to speak of me on your blog...and say such wonderful things. It really brings me such joy to give...and I'm so happy you love that piece!

Mamacessories said...

How generous and kind! And the things she sent are so pretty! I have "met" some pretty amazing people through blogs and Yahoo groups and although there are times I worry about how "plugged in" I am, I am grateful for the kindness my cyber friends have shown. You have "paid it forward" already by sharing this with us. Thank you.

SueAnn said...

Congratulations!! Love the jewelry hanger!! So cool!
And earrings to share!!?? How special is that??