Saturday, April 30, 2011

Illustration Friday ~ LESSON

One thing I have learned as the mother of three boys, is that every day spent with them is a LESSON learned. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut, sometimes you just have to trust them. But however you slice it, I know that I have learned as much, if not more, from my boys as they have learned from me.

I encourage you to visit the Illustration Friday website, follow the links and find all of the wonderful artwork and blogs.

© Nancy Lefko


i.ikeda said...

As the mother of a little girl, I couldn't agree with you more. The best part is that her lessons come spontaneously, at the right time, and surprise me every time. They usually make me a much better person too.

I'll be checking out the illustration Friday site. I need to get back into drawing more.

LiquidBrick said...

Well said, I completely agree! Says another mother of three boys, now sitting down when they are all in bed :)

Mary Lou said...

As a mother to an 11 year old boy the lessons in trust seem to be coming more and more these days!!

Beautiful image~Like your style :)

Lisa M Griffin said...

Funny, I tell my kids how important trust is weekly! Such a fragile thing in all relationships but yes, so very important for parents in the world that we live in.
Wonderful piece Nancy, thanks for sharing,

slommler said...

Trust is so important. It is always amazing how much we can learn from each other; if we just pay attention.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with 5 brothers...I'm the oldest...and each day was certainly a new adventure for my mom...and for us!! Tales are still told....

Ellen Byrne said...

Love it!

Jenny Petricek said...

So true, Nancy! No friendship or family relationship is legitimate without a measure of trust!

Love the use of sepia and distressed papers in this piece!