Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Facing My Creative "Funk"

This condition is not new to any artist...the demon known as "artistic block" sidelines us all at one point or another. Lately, I have been feeling a drought of sorts and have had little to no interest in creating at my art desk (even if I did have the time, which has also been in short supply.) The combination of outside commitments, limited free time and near zero interest, has led to an awful creative funk.

I've gotta tell you, I'm not enjoying this drought/funk/'s filling my head with all sorts of self-doubts and pesky insecurities. So...what to do...what to do?

"Turn to an art friend and pour out your heart and you will be heard, nurtured, encouraged and kicked in the pants."

Yes, that's what I did, and I knew I would get sage advice and cheerleading and just what I needed to get off my duff. This is not to say that my funk is gone entirely, but I did throw myself back into creating and actually wished I had more time to devote to it today. That's a good sign.

This journal page started out as a lesson for an online portraits class that I am taking. However, en route to becoming a portrait page it took a U-turn and became more of a collage when I didn't like the direction it was headed. And that's okay. I'll try again on the portrait and perhaps will have better luck next time. In relying on my tried and true collage/journaling tricks, I took the page from..."eh, not too hot" to "yea, it's okay." Reworking is okay. Not everything needs to be perfect the first time nor wind up the way it started. This realization was supported when I read an article by Samantha Kira Harding in Somerset Studio. (Funny that I should read that article today right after reworking this page.) Samantha speaks right to the notion that going a different direction than what you had intended is A-OK. Thanks for that affirmation, Samantha.

And thanks to my dear friend Pam Carriker, for always being there and for an awesome portraits class too...and I promise, I won't flunk out...I'll keep trying.

© Nancy Lefko


Elizabeth Parsons said...

Boy can I relate to this post! Over the years I hit this wall and each time I find myself there, it feels like it is going to last forever. It never does, and I always forget that. What I have learned about this fallow time is that I need to step away from my art for a bit. I give my self permission to stop making art for a time. And what always happens...I miss the art and it flows back...thank goodness. I think of the time as a time to fill up my cup. I read, write, cook, whatever calls me. The wonderful thing is that my dry, empty times are usually followed by an intense time of art creation. Maybe it's supposed to be this way?
...and on a different note-- I am currently drawing faces- lots of faces- I looked for Pams online portrait class and didn't see it- can you show me where/what class you are taking? Thanks, Elizabeth

ArtSnark said...

sending virtual hugs & chocolate to you, Nancy. You are such a creative person - you wont be in a funk for long! Perhaps you just needed to recharge your creative batteries

Anonymous said...

You're doing great Nancy, just keep doing a page at a time and that creativity will fill up again:-)

Loni Edwards said...

Hi Nancy! Boy, I sure can relate to your post. There are days where I just wonder if I am just chasing a dream, ya know? But then I see something that inspires me and reminds me that it is ok to chase a dream as long as it makes you happy along the way. I think it is just natural for us creatives to have our ups and downs. That is wonderful that you have such a wonderful support crew. Your personal piece is wonderful. All of my best, Loni

slommler said...

I try to look at a "creative funk" as a break that is needed. And I do other things like write or organize or read some books that I have been wanting too. The best part to remember is not to panic...creativity is there and you will immerse yourself in it when the time is right. If all else fails...some paint and markers and a blank canvas and attack!!!! Ha!!

pinkglitterfae said...

I'm glad you are still creating, and that hopefully your funk is going away. Yes I can relate to this as well, it's not fun, but I just let it happen. Eventually I get my desire back.
keep playing with your pages and have fun with it.

Kim Mailhot said...

As you said, Nancy, artistic funks are part of the process somehow - just like challenges and hard time are part of life. They do make you love love love the flow when it does come back around, but the MEAN time is pretty sucky !
Glad you have good friends and cheerleaders to help you through.
Have a great Friday and be gentle with your Talented self !