Sunday, September 5, 2010

Halloween Already?

It only took a little chill in the air today to remind me that fall is almost here and Halloween is soon to follow.

I have added nine Halloween mixed media collages to my Etsy shop, many that were featured in the Winter 2010 issue of Somerset Studio Gallery magazine.

Swoop on over and have a peek!

© Nancy Lefko


Lisa M Griffin said...

Great halloween collage! Love the suggestion of the spiderweb. And yes, the leaves are starting to turn in our neck of the woods.

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog Nancy:) it means a lot to me.


ps:Congrats on being featured, that is so fabulous!

Jeanne Nelson said...

Total awesomeness in this piece, Nancy. What a great thing that you made it into SS Gallery!!! You're a huge insiration to me. Best wishes.