Monday, January 19, 2009

Sweet Award

The very kind and talented Thelma has given me this sweet blogger award. Isn't it so those colors !

Along with passing this to 7 other bloggers, I need to list 7 things that I love (in no particular order except the first.)

1. my boys and my husband
2. living in New Hampshire
3. the beach, the ocean and everything related
4. coffee, coffee and did I mention coffee ??
5. long girl gabs
6. creating art
7. curling up fireside on a winter day

Wow, I'm done? I could have gone on and on.

The following bloggers will knock your socks off when you visit their amazing blogs !
Fannie Narte
Diana Evans
Jodi Ohl
Kim Geiser
Alisa Nordholt-Dean
Roberta Baird
Lisa Rivas


Flying Colors said...

Thank you Nancy! I feel so honored and this is a beautiful one... love it!

I am so behind with the awards, I think I have about 4 in back log... Oh dear! Can barely keep up with all this, I'm sure it was the end of the year and the exhibit. Will try my best to catch up :-)
Thank you again Nancy!

Roberta said...

Aaawww... thanks Nancy. You are truly one of my favorite blogging gal pals!! Hugs from Texas!

Diana Evans said...

Hi Nancy!!! Congrats on the deserve it!!!

thank you so much for thinking of me...I am so blessed to know you and to be able to share your art is wonderful enough!!!


Lucy said...

Thank you Nancy for nominating me! You are a gem and love all that you do, not only are you a fabulous artist-you are one of the nicest people I've 'met'!

ArtSnark said...

Very cool,Nancy! Always love checking out recommendations from my favorite artists. Thanks for sharing

Fannie said...

Thanks, Nancy!